Sustainability As a Business Model

At Happy Goat Coffee Co., we have a two-pronged approach to sustainability: environmental and economical. Throughout our operations, we’re always looking for ways to improve not only ourselves, but also the income of the coffee producers we are dealing with, while making the process of coffee production as close to having a net-zero impact on the environment as possible. We look to accomplish this in two ways.

Economic Impact Through Direct Sourcing

Direct sourcing, there is no doubt, is more time consuming and costly compared to buying green coffee “from the shelf” of an importer. Direct sourcing allows for a close relation with your producers; you stay overnight at their home, you know the family (and that just before your arrival their little green parrot died, who was always sitting on the kitchen table). You know how they treat their coffee trees, how they process their coffee and how they treat their workers. Sometimes Happy Goat buys coffees even if we know it´s not yet the top quality we are looking for, but we see the potential of the coffee and the will by the farmers to make improvements. After many years of practising this we can proudly say that we never question the price of a coffee when we see with our own eyes that it's worth it.
The Zero-Waste Coffee Project

In recent years sustainable and zero-emission production has become a fundamental pillar of coffee production. But this refers exclusively to the final product: the coffee bean! At our work in the roastery, in our coffee shops, and especially on our trips to coffee producing countries we have become more and more aware of the huge potential that lies within the by-products of the entire coffee production/supply chain.

The Zero-Waste Coffee Project

Based on that, our head roaster and traveller Dr. Hans-J. Langenbahn developed a bold idea: The Zero Waste Coffee Project. This means that from farmers growing the coffee, to our baristas throwing the spent coffee grounds in the garbage bin, all by-products have to be reused, upscaled and turned into new, waste-free products or endeavours. The project is establishing a network of coffee growers, roasters and researchers who are already on track to spread the word and to establish projects to motivate all stakeholders within the coffee chain to follow their ideas and practices. 

About Hans

A true craftsman, his fascination and scientific understanding of coffee from seed to cup is highly valued at Happy Goat. His background in Anthropology, field research in Sudan, his work as a coffee roaster and many trips to coffee growing countries exposed him to the complex processes and qualifications required to create a truly great cup of coffee. Due to the Covid travelling risks and restrictions that we all are facing, Hans does more “home-work” now like The Zero Waste Coffee Project; he has also developed a number of coffee by-product projects with our two universities here in Ottawa. 

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