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At the core of every one of our cafes is a sense of community. More than just coffee, Happy Goat Coffee Co. is a place for remote working, last-minute studying, early mornings, and relaxing evenings. It’s a celebration of diversity, art, and great conversation. It just so happens that we sell some of the finest, most sustainably-sourced coffee in the world.

From the beginning,

That means we offer our customers more than just hot drinks. We give them our time, our conversation, our knowledge. We remember their name and favourite drink, and provide them with an environment where they feel accepted and heard. And, during the process, we serve them high-quality, environmentally-conscious, specialty coffee.
If reading this excites you, then joining the Happy Goat Coffee Co. team as a franchise owner may be the perfect fit for you.

Please fill out the form below with all your information and we’d be happy to discuss the opportunity with you further.

Wholesale Opportunities

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