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Medium Roast
Roasted for Happy Goat Coffee Co. in San Ramon, Costa Rica
Blend: From producers of Canton San Ramon, West Valley, Costa Rica.
Varieties: Caturra (80%) and Catuai (20%)
Altitude: 1200 - 1400 meters
Coffee Mill: Cordillera de Fuego, Luis Eduardo Campos Varela, Piedades Sur, San Ramon
Process: Washed
Quality: Primera
Roasting: Orcha Industrial S.A.
Produced By:  Perronber Café S.A.
Happy Goat Coffee is proud to announce an exclusive new coffee to our shelves! Directly roasted from San Ramon, Costa Rica this medium roast is a medium acidity coffee with a distinct, nutty aroma. It also has a very similar flavour profile to our recently departed Rwandan.
Our master roaster, Hans, collaborated with roasters and producers in Costa Rica. In doing this, we are able to pass on some of our coffee roasting knowledge to coffee producers and roasters with the goal of helping them create their own bean-to-cup market.