For head roaster Hans-Juergen Langenbahn, sustainability is more than environmental. It involves paying workers sustainable wages, investing into more efficient production, and exploring the potential uses of coffee waste and byproducts. All in an effort to support the people, culture, and environments that produce the HGCC coffee we all know and love.

With a background in academics and PhD in anthropology, Hans has partnered with local Ottawa universities and colleges in several research programs. Through these partnerships, he hopes to discover new business opportunities involving coffee by-products as a way to diversify producer supplies, create new value chains, and contribute to a more environmentally friendly industry.



2020 may have presented some unforeseeable challenges, but Hans continues his efforts to improve the coffee industry with initiatives like the Costa Rican Farmer's Blend project. 7 farmers with 17 coffee lots came together to create an exceptional blend of flavors from the historically coffee-rich region. Through this project, Happy Goat Coffee Co. was able to support multiple farmers with fair wages and direct-sourcing, shortening the distance from bean to cup.