About Us

Happy Goat Coffee starts with the small farmers from Africa, Asia, Central and South America. These small scale farmers produce niche coffees that are extraordinary in quality and have distinct characteristic that connect to their local ecology. Small farmers focus on producing exceptional coffees which cater to niche artisan roasters like us. In contrast, mass market coffee roasters focus on uniformity and low cost. Mass market coffee producers undermines the market for specialty coffee which causes small farmers to go out of business and is killing the genetic diversity of the worlds coffee. 


At "Happy Goat Coffee" we promote the niche coffee market by encouraging neighbourhood based small batch coffee roasting, Small scale produced coffee, roasted in your neighbourhood supports the small farmer and preserves diversity. Just as importantly, freshly roasted coffee bean creates superior coffee. Protecting and preserving small scale farming through niche markets also helps the environment and maintains the world’s store of genetic diversity.

Happy Goat Coffee supports the environment and sustainable development which empowers small farmers and local economies. 


This whole thing started years ago with founder Pierre Richard who is an artisan Coffee Roaster in his own right, has passed the torch on to the new ownership, led by Henry Assad, Ahmet Oktar and driven and powered by Dr. Hans Langenbhan who has been fascinated with the world of coffee for many years. He is diligent, creative and has a great love for coffee. He is meticulous, and will go that extra mile to make sure that he's roasting the best coffee beans under the sun.

He is passionate and knowledgeable force behind Happy Goat Coffee. He talks about coffee with an interest and dedication that goes far beyond your average coffee junkie. Coffee is an art and science to him, the man is an alchemist who can turn simple beans into coffee gold.


You could say that Hans's roasting style is unique in the coffee industry by bringing back the old artisan touch, by taking a hands-on approach with every step to discover and preserve the true nature of coffee. He takes freshness and small-batch roasting to the extreme. This way you are guaranteed the highest standards in freshness and quality unsurpassed anywhere else.


Our Mission

We aim to offer you the highest quality artisan, directly traded coffee from around the world, custom roasted to suit your palate. We guarantee the freshest coffee every time.


Our Values

  • Encouraging and maintaining mostly direct and fair trade practices
  • Creating and selling the highest quality products for our customers
  • Providing education about coffee to our customers and employees
  • Being environmentally responsible by reducing waste through composting and recycling
  • Encouraging employee involvement and participation in the running of the company
  • Participating in community building
  • Creating a work environment that promotes inclusiveness as well as physical and mental well being