Ugandan Bugisu Coffee

Ugandan Bugisu Coffee

If you ask a Ugandan, “What is the countries best coffee?” They will most certainly give you the name of the Bugisu Cooperative in Mbale.

The Bugisu Cooperative Union Ltd. represents about 250 small family coffee growers from the Mt. Elgon area on the border between Uganda and Kenya. The Bugisu Arabica AA coffee if grown between 5,000 and 8,000 feet in altitude. People who know good coffee know this is where it is found. It is a wonderfully smooth earthy coffee

Life To Life Global Building Group (LTLGBG) has decided to use this coffee as a fund raising product to pay for project materials.

It is often asked if this is a “Fair Trade Coffee”? Coffee growers must, at their expense, jump through many bureaucratic hoops. The Bugisu Cooperative is currently not capable of meeting these requirements. In an effort to build a strong lasting relationship with the cooperative Life to Life Global Building Group rejected the current market price they gave us for the purchase of this product and insisted on paying an additional 20% bonus. It is our wish the managers of the Cooperative use these additional funds to encourage farmers in becoming good stewards of their best crops and be paid a higher price for doing so. In the future they hope to increase the price even further and in return demand evidence that the bonus reaches the farmers.

As well this coffee is grown organically but the group doesn’t have the ability to pay for the certifying documents.


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