Make Cold Water Extract Coffee

What Is Cold Water Extract Coffee? 

Cold water extract coffee is a delicious alternative to regular brewing methods and it has the added benefit of less acidity. Which makes it great for people who suffer from heartburn.


Supplies for Cold Water Extract Coffee

To do this task you will need water, a wooden spoon, a french press, and a cup of coffee.


Add Coffee and Water to the Press

I'm going to start by adding my coffee to the press, then I'm going to add four cups of water. One, two, three, four. Next, I'm going to take my wooden spoon and stir the grounds. I want to get them totally wet. You'll know you've got them totally soaked when some of the grounds sink to the bottom.


Let Coffee Soak

Cold Water Extract Coffee is a matter of taste and the taste will vary depending on how much coffee you use and how long you let it soak. I like to use one cup of coffee for four cups of water and let it soak for twelve hours.

Okay, now that I've let it soak I'm going to push the plunger down very slowly. And pour it into this glass jar. Your extract will keep for about two weeks in the fridge.


Serving Cold Water Extract Coffee

What's great about CWE is there's lots of ways to serve it. You can mix about 1/4 cup with 3/4 cup hot water and drink like regular coffee, you can pour it over ice on a hot day and as the ice melts it won't loose flavor. Or you can mix it with hot or cold milk.

I encourage you to try different mixes to see what you like best. 

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